Here you can contact me if you want any information about my enamels, would like to showcase me in a gallery, or buy one of my works.

-E-mail: HerbFriedson at

-Cell Phone: (785)840-4663

-Address: 2502 Jasu Drive, Lawrence, KS 66046

Paying and Shipping Arrangements

-I will accept payment by a personal check or cashiers check.

  • With payment by a personal check, I will wait 10 business days for it to clear, before shipment.

  • With a cashiers check, shipment will be made within 5 business days.

-All enamel wall pieces are shipped pre-paid by artist, crated, UPS-insured

  • Boxes are shipped pre-paid by artist, UPS-insured

Return Policy

-A full refund will be issued to the buyer, if the work is returned in the original container at the buyer’s expense.  The buyer will also reimburse the artist for the shipping expense to the buyer.

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